• What is Narrative Medicine?

    Narrative Medicine is a medical approach that uses people's stories in clinical practice, research, and education as a way to promote healing. Put simply, Narrative Medicine is the study of stories *as* medicine. In this interdisciplinary field emerging from Columbia Medical School, the stories found in literature, poetry, and painting become wellsprings of community connection, social justice, and self discovery. At NarrativeRx, we provide training in attentive listening and narrative competence for healthcare providers, patients, teachers, and activists. See the Narrative Medicine website from Columbia's Department of Medical Humanities and Ethics for more information: https://www.mhe.cuimc.columbia.edu/division-narrative-medicine.

  • Can I get my money back if I'm not happy?

    We offer a 14-day money back guarantee on the 9-week course, so if the course isn't working for you, get in touch and we'll be happy to help. 
We do not offer refunds for workshops you did not attend. If you have a terrible time at a workshop, just email us for a full refund, and let us know what we can do better next time.

  • Can I take the 9-week course on my phone or tablet?

    For sure! All of the course content is fully responsive so it will work regardless of whether you're on a computer or a mobile device.

  • How much time does the course take?

    The 9-week course is designed to be experienced while working so that you can apply each week's learning objective to your practice in real time. Most students report that it takes them 3-5 hours/week to complete the assignments. Some lean into writing several pages a week, while others who don't have the bandwidth might just write a few lines. We believe in quality over quantity. It is up to you how much you time you want to put into each assignment! Though we do have "due dates" that keep us accountable to each other, many students will return to assignments they didn't have time to complete at later dates. Now is always the perfect time to do something you're passionate about. Don't worry about having or being "enough”; come as you are, with whatever hectic schedule in tow. This community will be your pit crew.

  • What do I do if I have questions?

    We are here for you! Contact us ANY time at [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as possible.