• Refine Your Listening Skills

    Close reading, the signature method of narrative medicine, attunes healthcare providers to the stories of their patients.

  • Cultivate a Professional Community

    Join an international team of providers, teachers, and activists working together to improve standards of care across the globe.

  • Discover Your Inner Creative

    Collaborative reading and reflective writing activities jump-start the imagination and restore humanity to the heart of medicine.

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What Students Are Saying

“I continue to be amazed by the far reaching impact this course has had in my professional and personal life. I feel I may be being overdramatic about it but it really does deserve this!! I am continuing to read recommended texts and it is as though a switch has been turned on. I see and hear things more. I am more aware of my attention to details whether in a conversation with a patient or a parent at school pick up. I like this new me.”

“This course was a game changer for me on so many levels. The experience of connecting with others, sharing experiences, "talking story," and finding value and instruction in each other's journeys confirmed all of my biases about the importance of forming relationships and bonds with our patients as people -- not just as patients! ”

“My comfort in just being present to listen even in the absence of my own understanding has grown, actually it burst into life within this last course. This has given me a moment to pause and just be present... It has been said before and I will continue to say it - Thank you 🙏 so much for all your time, dedication and expertise. It continues to be hands down the best course I have been on for professional and personal growth.”

“I have told so many colleagues about these courses and am so excited by how this may change healthcare!!”

“This is the third course I have taken part in. I can see/ feel the effects of participation getting deeper and more intrinsic to my whole being. Listening and extracting salient and the most meaningful points from another's story has become second nature as it become apparent from their responses. Things have changed in me, that might also be due to other factors in my life, but I do feel like barriers have been overcome that I cannot easily put in words. (Cheapest therapy ever 😘😊)”

“Professionally my listening skills and connection to patients and colleagues has benefited the most. Learning to pause and listen and the recognition that I actually wasn’t doing this as well as I thought before. Priceless!!”

“I just want more!!!”

“The single most important component in effective communication is listening: sadly, it is my lived experience that this is what we are worst at. In this course, we practice becoming better listeners, better observers. We have a safe space to share our thoughts, discuss our observations, and enrich ourselves and our colleagues simultaneously through this shared experience. We are able to consider a kaleidoscope of perspectives while still experiencing our own.”

“I discovered my voice, and I am comfortable sitting in the same room with it. I have never been able to say that for one moment of my forty nine years of life. Words can't express how much gratitude I feel to you both for providing the space for me to explore this. Seriously, thank you.”

“I'm finding myself enjoying intake more with my clients, asking better questions (or at least I keep hearing "that's a great question" lately), and generally feeling more appreciative of the various paths that bring clients to my door, and of the gift it is to hold their stories.”