Course curriculum

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    Healing Arts Workshop

    • Narrative Medicine Round Table - Sunday August 15th From 1-2:15 PM (Central US/Canada)


  • How long does this workshop take?

    All live Zoom workshops take 75 minutes.

  • Who can participate?

    All live workshops are open to the public. You do not need to work in healthcare or know anything about the arts in order to attend.

  • What should I do to prepare?

    Unlike a book club, you won’t have any reading to do beforehand, and you don’t need to know anything about literature or the arts to have a good time. To attend a Zoom Workshop, you only need to do the following in advance: 1) Sign up for a free Zoom account, and register for the workshop. Do this now, so that you’re not scrambling right before class. We will lock the class after 10 minutes. 2) Find a quiet space with few distractions. Have a pen and paper handy. A few minutes before class time, follow the link and enter the passcode we emailed you after you registered. You’ll be taken to the waiting room. 3) Once class time starts, I will admit you from the waiting room to the classroom. You’ll be muted upon entry and can choose to either have your video on (so we can all see you) or off (so that you are invisible to me and to other participants). Please do what makes you comfortable.

  • When are the upcoming workshops?

    Virtual workshops will be held each month. Join our newsletter by entering your email address on our homepage, or follow our Facebook page at to find out the date of the upcoming workshop.

  • Are workshops recorded? Can I purchase the recording?

    Yes. Beginning June 2021, all workshops will be recorded, but anything shared in private breakout rooms will remain private and unrecorded. If you'd like to purchase a class recording, please contact us at